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Group Structure

1.0. Shareholding Structure

The following table sets out the composition of the holders of common shares as at March 31, 2014:

1 Percentage ownership figures represent common shares owned by the named shareholders and are expressed as a percentage of the total number of common shares issued and outstanding.
As at the date hereof, the Bank (and its affiliates) is the custodian of shares and/or GDRs representing 78.2 % of the Bank’s common shares.

2 The Audi Family, Al Homaizi Family, Al Sabbah Family, and Al Hobayb Family include the following members of the Board: (i) Raymond Wadih Audi and Marc Jean Audi, (ii) Suad Hamad Al Saleh Al Homaizi, (iii) Mariam Nasser Sabbah Al Nasser Al Sabbah, and (iv) Abdallah Al Hobayb, respectively.

3 Excluding members of the Audi Family accounted for in a separate row above.

4 As at the date hereof, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, in its capacity as depositary under the Bank’s GDR Program, owned 102,493,911 common shares represented by GDRs.

5 As at the date hereof, the total number of common shares was 349,749,204.