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Management Discussion And Analysis

10.0. Environmental and Social Management System

To reiterate our commitment to the wellbeing of the environment in which we operate, Bank Audi has developed an Environmental and Social Management system (ESMS) to ensure that we, as a socially responsible component of society, reduce our operational footprint, actively manage environment and social risks associated with our client transactions, and promote environmental business opportunities.

In this way, Bank Audi is determined to:
  • Promote environmental soundness and sustainable development in all its operations. For this purpose, specific measures have been established to control and monitor the environmental and social impact of the operations that we finance.
  • Encourage prospective clients to undertake measures aimed at reducing energy intensity, promoting energy efficiency, using cleaner technologies and renewable resources, waste reduction, resource recovery and recycling.
  • Comply with the spirit and intent of national laws and regulations with respect to protection of human rights, illegal labour, child or forced labour, and social issues.
  • Generally raise awareness internally and externally with regards to the environmental and social challenges that may face the countries in which we operate.