We offer you a wide range of learning opportunities giving you the right tools to refine your skills and reach your career goals.

Those opportunities range from the Risk Academy, a series of internal courses aimed at raising awareness of risk management, to the Corporate Academy, which is a learning platform for managers tackling the latest global, regional and local developments, not to mention the customized and specialized training programs. Skills training is provided across all departments and across all experience levels. At Bank Audi, you are encouraged to drive your own personal development through several learning opportunities in line with our aim to develop leaders and experts.


Onboarding at Bank Audi is a great opportunity for you to connect with other colleagues, build relationships and get a better grasp of the Bank’s culture. Making you feel comfortable and part of the team is our aim from day one. You will get a deep understanding of the Bank’s history, structure and values as well as its rules and regulations. For a better understanding of your job requirements and to further enhance your skills, you will also participate in comprehensive training activities and On-the-Job training programs.

Early Career


Advanced Career

Educational Sponsorships