Disclosure on Management Approach

The material topics and their boundaries that have been presented above form the essence of our entire materiality process. The two key challenges invariably encountered in relation to materiality include casting the net wide enough to capture important sustainability issues and corresponding risks and opportunities, yet not exceeding a reasonably small sub-set of material issues that really matter to the company and can be managed in a consistent way.

Defining these material issues and their boundaries is at the heart of our Disclosure on Management Approach (DMA). We exercise a rigorous and elaborate process in selecting materiality issues that matter the most to our stakeholders. We also assess each of these in terms of risks and opportunities for our business, our reputation, and our finances. Each of these issues is also evaluated annually in implications towards our business, taking into consideration the legal requirements, national priorities and international norms of behaviour within the scope of feasibility and implementation of CSR initiatives pertaining to these material issues.
Both our DMA and our reporting are guided by the values of relevance, accuracy, timeliness, comparability, reliability, clarity, balance and completeness. All these principles ensure that our approach to CSR reporting is organic and advancing dynamically to meet the changing expectations surrounding us, and that we remain true to our most cherished guiding values pertaining to transparency and civic engagement. This report is thus intended to delineate the active steps we have taken to integrate sustainability in our business using our resources efficiently and responsibly, and respecting the precautionary principle in terms of minimising risks for our stakeholders, the environment and society at large.

As part of our continuous improvement journey, we also revisit our DMA every year, and assess its overall effectiveness as well as potential gaps, weaknesses or shortcomings, and decide, in light of that, on any needed refinements or adjustments.
Table 3: Explanation of the Material Topics and their Boundaries