As Bank Audi evolves and matures in its role as a leading financial institution in the region, so does our clear vision for sustainability in the communities and environments we operate in.

Today’s world requires institutions to be in constant transformation and to evolve in such a way as to meet clients’ ever-changing behaviours. In parallel, customers demand more transparency than ever before, which implies a firm commitment from the brand they choose to create a relationship with. This is why digital solutions, sustainability, responsible financing, and being good citizens are key assets for successful 21st century brands, including Bank Audi.

The challenges we take on are similar to those faced by our customers. Our objective, however, is to push the boundaries even further by identifying the areas where we can bring a positive contribution: the economy, the environment, and social welfare. This is achieved by implementing effective changes on several fronts, with the ultimate goal of enabling growth and economic progress by building sustainable infrastructure and creating jobs.

Our commitment to make a positive and significant difference in people’s lives has been an integral part of our culture ever since Bank Audi was founded in 1830. This is closely related to the Bank’s historic thrive to create added value in the communities it is present in, and to its firm belief in revealing untapped talents. With this in mind, our “Grow Beyond Your Potential” motto drives both our employees and clients to work in synergy to realise those purposes, whether in day-to-day operations or through ongoing CSR initiatives.

Established in its present form in 1962, Bank Audi also identifies with the startup model, behaving with agility, flexibility and readiness to change, in the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, Georges, Jean and Raymond Audi.

Taking a closer look at the Bank’s purpose, I like to see our role as a four-fold commitment: empowering people, serving companies, supporting the economy and creating shareholder value.
  • One of our main priorities is indeed to make people’s lives better. This means helping them improve their quality of life: owning a home or a car, getting the adequate education, investing in securities or retirement plans, or any other scheme that contributes to enhancing their wellbeing. Our involvement is twice as valuable to us when it makes someone’s dream come true.
  • In a similar effort yet from a different perspective, we strive to give substantial added value to the business world we are part of. 2016 has reinforced our CSR impact by ensuring sustainability for SMEs in the form of a new business line aligning our strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we have chosen to champion. This comes as a result of our rigorous stakeholder consultations, clearly identifying their needs and material topics. Small and medium sized enterprises are the driving force of the local economy and represent the vast majority of our corporate environment.
As such, it is only fair that we do everything in our power to optimise their input and help them grow in the right direction. The scope for action is broad in this respect; it encompasses all operations that contribute, in one way or another, to the development of SME businesses: from working capital, to credit and trade facilities, to job creation and salary domiciliation. No effort is spared to place the right tools into the right hands, and to make local and regional economies healthier and stronger.

  • To be able to cater to individuals and corporations, we start from the top: public authorities that regulate Lebanon’s financial landscape and that are responsible for building a sustainable infrastructure for businesses and entrepreneurship to flourish.
  • Bank Audi is committed to continuously creating shareholder value and providing quality financial information, complete with all key indicators. Our recently launched Investor Relations mobile application adds more transparency and connectivity to this equation.
There is no doubt that these factors of change draw upon an essential element without which none of these initiatives would see the light: trust.

At Bank Audi, we made sure that trust is part of our ethical principles, by applying the highest standards of ethics, compliance, governance and transparency; by creating significant economic value; by unlocking potential and promoting diversity… in a word, by acting responsibly. This is where our gender equality and representation strategies come in, for instance, let alone our inclusion and volunteering programs, and our equal opportunity principles.

Our internal boldness was further emphasized by local and international partnerships that have placed us at the forefront of CSR in the region. As such, we are highly committed to the ISO 26000 and to the United Nations Global Compact, being proud members of its local Steering Committee, as well as Gold members of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Building on all the above and backed by the numerous milestones marked in the context of our firm belief in CSR, I take pride in bringing you Bank Audi’s 2016 CSR Report which gives you a glimpse of the key achievements made by the Bank in this field.

I hope you enjoy the read, and thank you for allowing us to engrain impact.