Community Development

Financial Literacy

KidzMondo indoor theme park follows the conceptual approach of educational entertainment or playful learning. The first thing children do when they enter KidzMondo is to pass by the Bank Audi branch to cash their check. This gives them an idea of financial literacy and banking basics, from an age as young as 6 to 14 years old. This comes as part of a broader sustainability goal for Bank Audi, pertaining to enhancing financial literacy and extending across different pillars of our CSR strategy. Our conviction that financial literacy starts at a young age was confirmed by our commitment to KidzMondo which started in 2013. KidzMondo gives young children the opportunity to familiarise themselves with banking basics, among others, in a motivational environment. It is a replica of a real city where children play adult professional roles in preparation for the real world. Bank Audi’s replica branch in KidzMondo aims at teaching children about the importance of working, earning a living, and spending wisely. It also introduces them to the world of banking, with various operations likecash outs, deposits, savings, and the use of debit cards and ATMs. This year, KidzMondo was able to attract more than 300,000 young minds from across Lebanon, the Middle East and many other countries.
The annual celebration of the Global Money Week in March consists of a series of activities held across the world by the partners and stakeholders of the Child and Youth Finance Movement (CYFI). These activities are geared toward engaging children, youth and their communities in learning about financial education and financial inclusion. For the second year in a row, the Global Money Week, themed “Take Part, Save Smart!”, was celebrated at Bank Audi in coordination with the Higher Council for Childhood (HCC) at the Ministry of Social Affairs, where 450 grade 11 students spent “A Day at Bank Audi” during 5 consecutive days. Aligned with Bank Audi’s CSR strategy which aspires to enhance financial literacy through communication with specific stakeholders and empowering future generations on financial planning and management, savings, and general social inclusion, students from Azm school, Sahagian College, Public School of Baskinta, Sagesse Ain El Remaneh, Lycée Nahr Ibrahim, Père Afif Osairan Foundation, Saint Charbel Orphanage, Makassed – Omar Bin Khattab, Makassed – Khadija School, Makassed – Khaled Bin Al Walid, Makassed – Ali Bin Abi Taleb School, Sagesse Jdeideh, and Lebanese Preparatory School were invited. Bank Audi’s CSR, Training & Development, Branch Network Management, Group Retail Banking, Retail, Compliance and EPCS teams joined efforts to guide future leaders towards a successful path and introduced them to the world of banking, compliance and risks and the bank of the future. Finally, personalised certificates of participation were distributed and students had the chance to visit our Bab Idriss Branch, Novo branch and the e-Gallery to observe practical applications.

Global Money Week, ‘Take Part, Save Smart!’.