Community Development


DSC, Bank Audi Saves Lives Hand in Hand!
For the second year in a row, and in collaboration with Donner Sans Compter (DSC), Bank Audi organised two blood drives, the first of which was held in May 2016 and involved 129 generous employees who voluntarily took part in this initiative. 93 units of blood were donated, equivalent to 276 lives potentially saved.
“First, it was a pleasure having the two successful blood drives at Bank Audi; I am more than glad to tell you that you broke the record for the highest number of blood donors in a company: 57 (headquarters) and 36 (Sofil), which makes it a total of 93 blood donors ! ” a DSC representative enthusiastically commented. Surrounding businesses in Sofil were also informed of the event, and some clients and passers-by gladly donated blood. Last year’s blood donation drive also played an important role in motivating peers to follow suit this year. This event served to raise awareness and motivate potential blood donors to support this cause and sustain the Bank’s commitment to the community.
The second drive, which was held in November 2016 in partnership with the Lebanese Red Cross, gathered 47 generous employees and resulted in 38 units of blood donated, which is equivalent to 114 potential lives saved. A week after the initiative, successful donors received a card allowing them to receive 1 unit of blood should they need it for themselves, a friend, or a relative.

Employees Contribute to Spreading Education!
Books are works of the mind, they present our intellect with a variety of content, information and entertaining stories that let us soar. These instruments of human expression feed hunger for knowledge, free us and give us a medium of expression like no other. Knowing the importance of these vehicles of meaning and values, Bank Audi’s CSR Unit organised a book donation at the end of the 2015- 2016 school year.
The Bank teamed up with Assabil, one of its partners in the Volunteer Program, and gathered 1,385 school textbooks, extracurricular books including children, science fiction, adventure, romance, politics, fiction and non-fiction books, in addition to complete encyclopedias. The donation benefited less privileged children by giving them the chance to access educational content while also recycling used notebooks in an effort to subvert negative environmental effects of paper use and abuse.
Bank Audi donated unwanted furniture – mostly desks and chairs – from its branches and head office for reuse by various NGOs among which: