Community Development

Local Community Development

In recognition of a fruitful segment of our community, the Bank honoured teachers on their special day. Branch managers, employees and the Retail Department visited around 40 schools across Lebanon, met with their administration and staff, and shared a breakfast during the week of March 7, 2016. This heartwarming initiative was crowned with success and 100% positive feedback thanks to the personal touch of branch managers and team members that marked the event.

Celebrating Teacher’s Day.
For the 7th year, Bank Audi sponsored Myschoolpulse and supported their cause, which is providing education to children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. On July 31, 105 Bank Audi employees spent a memorable family day in the beautiful green landscape of Faqra, Kfardebian. Thanks to 2000 participants, the marathon raised USD 125,000 which will allow Myschoolpulse to tutor 125 sick children the opportunity to pursue their education.

Employees participating in the Myschoolpulse Marathon for schooling sick children.
It is said that we should always “go the extra mile” to support our fellow humans and, ever since the start, Beirut Marathon has done that… quite literally, too! On November 13, 2016, more than 43,000 athletes from 99 countries partook in Beirut Marathon 2016, challenging themselves to run those extra miles for different causes. 488 Bank Audi employees, together with their families and friends, chose to run for Donner Sang Compter (DSC) – an NGO that creates a centralised database of potential blood donors for patients in need of blood, answering the greatest possible number of demands all across Lebanon.

The runners gathered in front of the cheering stand where Homebound, a local band of young talents supported by Bank Audi, played to motivate and inspire everyone present. Amazingly enough, 3 employees stood out in their categories: Marilda Meouchy ranked 22nd in her age category for the 42 K-run, Nicolas Semaan ranked 19th in his age category in the 21.1 K-run, and Mireille Semaan ranked 22nd in her age category in the 21.1 K-run. Overall, Bank Audi ran 1555 km in total for DSC, which is a feat we are proud of.

Beirut International Marathon.
  • Basketball Inc. 2016 Tournament: 1st place.
  • Inter-banks Futsal Tournament: 1st place.
  • Table Tennis Tournament: 1st place: Charbel Akl.
  • Beirut Corporate Games: 2nd place – 200 employees participating.

Our winning employees at the Beirut Corporate Games.
Dora Branch Employees Celebrate International Nurses Day! “Nurse: a person strong enough to tolerate everything and soft enough to understand everyone!” On the occasion of International Nurses Day on May 12, Bank Audi’s Dora team celebrated the event, at their own initiative, with nurses of Saint Joseph Hospital, marking a new milestone in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and spreading love, appreciation and happiness in the life of those who nurse, love, and endure.
The team headed to the hospital premises and offered gifts and cookies to the 350 nurses, taking pictures with them to mark this event. They wished them good health and strength to carry on their noble mission. International Nurses Day is celebrated on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.
The International Council of Nurses commemorates this important day every year by producing and distributing the International Nurses Day (IND) Kit. The IND Kit 2016 contains educational and public information material, for use by nurses everywhere in the world.

Hôtel-Dieu de France (HDF) organised an event where 36 HDF payrollees at Bank Audi were randomly selected and offered 5 grams of gold each.

Celebrating International Nurses Day.
It all started at Université Saint Joseph (USJ), more specifically during last year’s “Daraj Al Yassou’iyeh” event. Bank Audi’s “Battle of the Bands” competition, which gathered scores of attendees from USJ staff, students and music enthusiasts, was a smash with bands rocking the stage and swaying the crowd into voting for them at the Spring Account booth. After a long wait and thanks to good music and spirit, Homebound, a band of young artists, won the hearts of those who watched them perform. Homebound had their first single, “Mrs. Greenback”, recorded at the Bank Audi Plaza studio, and their first music video shot there to complement it.
The Bank also supported the band even further by organising interviews and airing their track on Virgin Radio, promoting their song on Anghami (music streaming service), uploading it to iTunes Store, and posting their music video on social media. And so, out of a little bit of faith, a whole lot of talent shined through.

Spring Account competition winner, ‘Homebound’.
Helping Lebanese farmers liquidate their apple stocks in an effort to show solidarity with Lebanese apple growers, Bank Audi undertook to help them liquidate their stocks. And since the Bank is always looking for ways to make the customer experience more pleasant, then why not support a cause in the process? 6,720 kg of local apples were purchased from 4 different suppliers in different regions throughout the month of October, and distributed in all Bank Audi branches, CBCs and regional offices, to be offered to clients and visitors.
In celebration of Lebanese Army Day that falls on August 1, Bank Audi launched an initiative greeting army personnel with salaries domiciled at Bank Audi. A draw took place in the presence of a representative of the Lebanese National Lottery, with 150 winners randomly picked to win gift vouchers for home appliances.

At Bank Audi, we pride ourselves on our patriotism and our constant efforts to improve our relationship with the Lebanese public sector. In this context, representatives of our Retail Department visited the Army base in Arsal and met with some of its commanders in October. The aim was to honor the Lebanese Army’s mission and show them support, no matter where they are. They also offered laptops to the Army to help them improve their work environment. This visit marks a milestone for Bank Audi which is the first bank to visit the Army in Arsal. This initiative contributed to cultivate the trust between the two institutions, and opened new horizons for collaboration with the Lebanese Army in the future.
Bank Audi is committed to working closely with the public sector and showing it the appreciation it deserves. Within this approach, the Bank launched an initiative targeting Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces, and gave them the chance to enter a draw to win a Chevrolet Cobalt 2016. The draw, that included ISF members whose salaries were domiciled at the Bank during the months of July and August, took place in the presence of a representative from the Lebanese National Lottery. The lucky winner was Michel Gerges Al Jana, a Marjayoun branch customer. A small cocktail was organised at the branch on September 26, upon handing him the keys to his brand new car. Positive vibes spread across the branch and the winner was delighted with this nice surprise from Bank Audi.
We supported the General security & State security as well by offering them tools to enhance their work environment.
In addition to the above, we express our support, recognition and respect to the public sector through social media (Bank Audi Facebook page) by greeting them on their special days. Example of posts: ISF # وعد_عليي , Army Day etc.