Corporate Governance

Ethical Conduct

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct clearly upholds the principle of non-discrimination and of maintaining a violence and harassment-free workplace. We are very proud not to have any significant laws or regulation breaches, or any fines imposed on our activities.


Our compliance culture and processes are reinforced every year, in line with the organisation’s broader strategic goals. The most common compliance risks we face have to do with data privacy and corruption which we manage very closely. The stringent requirements, restrictions and guidelines we have in place are important to sustain the soundness and integrity of our financial system, and to maintain the cherished trust of our employees and customers.
In this respect, we recently embraced BDL Circular 134 (which came into effect as of October 2015) which emphasises the importance of transparency, one of Bank Audi’s guiding core values. Circular 134 focuses on the customer’s rights and duties, such as providing positive or negative feedback, for instance.