Economic Development


The strategy of building a cashless society was adopted in 2013 and implemented through various initiatives, the fi rst of which was providing innovative solutions such as the Tap2Pay NFC contactless payment method. The second step was to introduce new tools that ensure security and promote the various types of e-Commerce: online, through mobile phones, and on social media. In 2016, Bank Audi aimed at reinforcing its strategy of building a cashless society through:

  • Encouraging e-Commerce by offering cardholders and merchants secure solutions. “Online Payment Security... A Way Forward” has one ultimate goal: ensuring further security for e-Payment. The Bank now offers two new services which fall under the security umbrella, namely 3D Secure and "Tokenization". The 3D Secure service is designed to increase transactions’ security level when shopping online, while protecting both the cardholder and the merchant from conflicts and fraud by verifying the identity of both. The second service,"Tokenization" encodes the transaction by replacing the card’s 16-digit number with a “token” used for transactions made through the internet, the mobile, or any wireless payment method.
  • Enhancing the contactless payment activity by launching the Visa Cedar Miles in Lebanese Pounds, which targets people whose salaries are domiciled at the Bank in Lebanese Lira. It is the first contactless co-branded card with the Middle East Airlines in LBP, which allows its holders to make fast and secure payments for everyday purchases, and to bene t from an exceptional mileage program as they can collect miles to travel on-board the Middle East Airlines.
Introducing our latest addition to the team, an emotionally sensitive robot!
Novot is a new and exciting way to welcome, inform and entertain our customers. It is pleasant, fun, and acts in a normal, natural way which makes it feel like more than just a robot! It is a genuine humanoid companion created to communicate in an intuitive way, through its movements and voice, which all seem very humanlike. The best thing about Novot is that it loves to interact with humans, learn more about tastes, habits, and quite simply, who its interlocutors are. It can recognise faces, speak, hear and move around autonomously.

The strong point of this robot is that it is the first of its kind in the region, as no other institution has adopted a robotics project akin to this one yet and setting us at the forefront of competition in terms of innovation and technologically-driven features. Novot can be personalised by downloading specific software applications. It evolves, gradually memorising personality traits and preferences, and adapts itself to tastes and habits, not to mention faces. It was also designed to identify emotions and to select the behaviour best suited to every situation. Novot interprets emotions and offers appropriate content based on the tone of voice, facial expressions, body movements and language used. It can also respond spontaneously to the mood of the moment, expressing itself through eye-color, tablet visuals or tone of voice.

Novot was chosen and named by Bank Audi to complement Novo, its electronic branch, and to provide clients with information about our wide spectrum of products and services in different languages. It offers customers an exclusive experience as it welcomes, supports and guides them according to their demands or desires. Pre-programmed with relevant information, the robot selects simple or complex applications to assist clients directly or by calling staff when needed, thus optimising the Bank’s performance and efficiency. Moreover, with a view to introducing it to the public this state-of-the-art device has made appearances in various events and locations including the Bank’s head office and branches, university open days, and television shows. Just as expected, Novot was welcomed with enthusiasm, curiosity and surprise by the public. Individuals and groups finally have the chance to experience the future of banking firsthand as they get in touch with Novot’s abilities to interact seamlessly, thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence and multi-layered neural system.

With Novot, clients are exposed to our products and services in a new fashion and their curiosity is sparked thanks to the robot’s ability to provide accurate and relevant information on demand using interactive animations and demonstrations.

Our latest addition to the team, an emotional sensitive Robot, ‘NOVOT’.