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Product Portfolio

We continue to build our product portfolio to provide the best services integrating the latest innovations and technologies. /Library/Assets/poto-095949.png
In collaboration with the Ministry of Telecommunications, we took the first steps towards implementing a new e-Government and e-Payment system in Lebanon, a first-of-its-kind service that facilitates the settlement of bills online, including public service monthly payments. Through this service, landline phone and Internet subscribers in Lebanon can settle their monthly local and international bills remotely through the Internet, simply by using their credit and debit cards issued by local and international banks in Lebanon or abroad. The new e-Payment system has been operational since June 2014 and constitutes a first important step towards implementing e-Government and e-Payment systems at the public administration level, thus simplifying life for everyone, including the population’s disadvantaged and rural segments.
In line with our strategy to build and implement a cashless society in Lebanon, we launched the first of its kind next generation payment solution for taxi drivers in Lebanon. This solution enables taxis to accept payments with credit and debit cards, providing consumers with payment ease and avoiding the risk of carrying cash.

“Introducing innovative technology is an additional testimony of Bank Audi’s numerous endeavours to deliver safe and convenient payment solutions”, said Fady Obeid, Assistant Chief Operating Officer.
The 25 years loyalty recognition is replicated annually since 2013, and consists in offering customers an appreciation gift for their loyalty.
Like every year on Labour Day, the Bank undertook to reward 95 modest income customers randomly selected across our branches, who benefitted from the reimbursement of their personal loan monthly installment. This initiative cost USD 15,000 and intended to show support to our customers.
Over the past years, significant efforts were made to render our products accessible and convenient to all customers through enhanced services including ATMs, ITMs and Novo branches which are all easily accessible. We were indeed the first bank to launch the Novo interactive branches, a new evolution in the field of Electronic Banking, featuring online video conferencing with banking advisors. Novo’s main features and competitive edge are enhanced by extended banking hours which give customers the opportunity to process their operations swiftly and conveniently. Besides, with the advent of digital technology, we are looking to implement 24/7 self-service areas in all our newly opened branches, in addition to offering a variety of digital banking solutions in our existing branches, such as self-service and e-sections. These services will enable customers to complete their banking transactions any time of day and without any assistance, and will ultimately reduce waiting times at counters and unnecessary delays.
True to its reputation as “the most innovative bank in Lebanon”, Bank Audi was a proud partner in the third edition of the Central Bank of Lebanon’s “BDL Accelerate”, the biggest banking conference in the Mediterranean and the MENA region. The Bank’s stand gave participants the chance to try some of its most innovative services firsthand, from interacting with NOVOT, to testing the Omnichannel, to taking a virtual reality tour of the Sassine branch, to getting the full scoop on the new SME products and services.

BDL Accelerate 2016 attracted more than 20,000 participants and hosted highly anticipated speakers such as Bank Audi’s special guest, Brett King, who spoke about the obvious: “... technology is disruptive and history stands witness. Since the industrial revolution, people have been scared of advancement, as it always brought about a shift in employment. Everything will be virtual soon enough, even currencies, as the need for cash will start to decline. Even signing piles of papers won’t be required in the future, your behaviour will be your identity. Your bank, who would memorise your bills, usual purchases, and regular checkpoints, will instantly notice an irregular behaviour in case of fraud. Companies, banks included, who wish to be leaders in the future, will have to be technologically driven first and foremost. So those who refuse to ride the wave of innovation will simply be left behind. But those who choose to create it will come out on top.”

Partner in the 3rd edition of the Central Bank of Lebanon’s ‘BDL Accelerate’.