Human Development

External Human Development

Granting scholarships to students is held in high regard at Bank Audi where education is considered vital for giving the young generation a chance for a brighter future.

Like every year, Bank Audi organised an annual prize remittance ceremony at Université Saint Joseph (USJ) during which 7 students who had applied for a university loan received USD 5,000 each, to be deducted from their loan. These students were selected by USJ’s Social Affairs Office based on their academic performance.
Bank Audi celebrated the first scholarship ceremony with Notre Dame University – Louaize (NDU) by granting 7 students scholarships which will be deducted from their tuition fees.
AUB’s Olayan School of Business (OSB) established an IM program aiming to enhance OSB students’ real-world experience. The IM program required that students manage an endowment.
Youssef Nizam, Chief Investment Officer, Audi Private Bank, collaborated with a small group from OSB and from Concordia to develop the IM program.
For the ninth consecutive year, the sons and daughters of fellow employees were rewarded for their exceptional results in the Baccalaureate – Part II, a step meant to encourage teenagers to seek education and unrivalled academic performance, for ambitious careers and a brighter future.

This year, 12 qualified teenagers were awarded:
1st prize = USD 20,000 = average of 17.27
2nd prize = USD 15,000 = average of 16.10
3rd & 4th prize = USD 5,000 = average around 15
8 remaining = USD 1,000 = average ranging between 14 to 15
It is worth mentioning that up to this year, Bank Audi has rewarded a total of 82 qualified individuals.

Our Corporate Ambassador, who has 7 summits, 3 poles, an ocean and a desert listed to his successes, continued to motivate our millennials at various instances such as during presentations to our interns, in schools etc., with a total number exceeding 1000 young people (aged 7 to 24).
A few IC students spent a day at Bank Audi as part of their professional shadowing day. They discovered the Retail Department and familiarised themselves with the Bank’s structure, products and services. Each one of them shadowed an employee for the whole day, with a view to spending a typical day at Bank Audi, with its meetings, challenges and hard work.
It was in December 2013 that years of planning and communicating with the Society of Trauma Nurses (STN) came to fruition. A select group of registered nurses from the AUBMC and the Rafic Hariri School of Nursing were fully sponsored by Roads for Life, with the support of Bank Audi, to undergo instructor training at the regional training center in King Abdul Aziz Medical City in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). This resulted in an inaugural course held in Lebanon in May 2014.

In June 2014, Roads for Life convinced the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon to issue Circular No. 51 that “urged governmental and private hospital to delegate the adequate people to take part in the ATLS® and ATCN® training sessions”.
A few months later, in October 2014, Mrs. Zeina Kassem was recognised by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma for being able to promulgate and sustain all three core trauma courses and for initialising a national trauma system in Lebanon. Roads for Life and AUBMC are working hand in hand to spread trauma culture on the national and regional levels. In summary, a swift and efficient intervention by the emergency teams on the scene of the accident can prevent unnecessary deaths. For nurses, the three-day ATCN® course includes an educational model that promotes critical thinking processes, collaborative, synchronised team approach to trauma care, along with the students of the simultaneous ATLS® course. Doctors and nurses caring for trauma patients in Lebanon have the opportunity to share a common language and approach to trauma care to be able to save more lives in the Golden Period of Trauma.

The door is open for any healthcare professionals in Lebanon who are interested in expanding their skill sets and getting certified. To date, Roads For Life and Bank Audi have sponsored 150 emergency room and intensive care nurses to take the course.