Reporting year is 2016.

The previous report is the “CSR Report 2015: Sustaining Shared Value” published in June 2016.

The reporting cycle is: annual

For information about the Report, please refer to: Bank Audi’s CSR Unit Bank Audi Palladium – Bab Idriss Beirut Lebanon

This report was prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option.

Our GHG emissions report is audited by V4 Advisors, an external expert on the topic; and our CSR Report is internally audited by our certified auditors.

Awards and Regognitions

Table 24: Awards and Recognitions

Internal Audit Report

Objectives: Review and evaluate the development of the Corporate Social Responsibility activities report in line with (GRI) Standards, ISO 26000 Standards, United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Principles and best practices.

Internal Audit department conducted a review over Bank Audi 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report based on the objective and scope outlined above.

The Bank is continuously exerting efforts to contribute to the development of a sustainable society. Management continues to further develop the reporting mechanism and improve data collection to ensure accuracy, traceability, timeliness and quality of reported information, in line with best practices and international standards.

We conducted a review of CSR significant activities and processes. Our review was based on interviews and testing on sample basis. In conclusion, nothing has come to our attention to make us believe that the information contained in this report has not been fairly presented in all material respect.
We identified areas for potential improvements in the CSR internal reporting management system that Management should consider as follows:
  • Revisit the disclosures made in line with GRI 103 standards to enhance the related reporting disclosures in the CSR report.
  • Further boost the reporting mechanism and highlight the Bank forward looking CSR plans along with their expected social impact.
  • Further standardize and extend the engagement of the CSR activities and further incorporate it in the Bank decision making and business processes.
  • Continue to raise awareness and build competencies and capabilities for social responsibility, to engage the Bank employees at the various levels towards applying and promoting the Bank CSR principles.

Rita Merhej
Head of Unit
Rana Nassif Sassine
Head of Internal Audit


Appendix 1: Sampling of Bank Audi’s Brands, Products and Services
Appendix 2: Initiatives Endorsed by Bank Audi
Appendix 3: Initiatives to Enhance Financial Literacy


Table 25: Concordance Table (The pages mentioned in the below table can be accessible in the downloadable file)

AR: Annual Report

*Principle 5: Child Labor, N/A


For this report all departments, branches and numerous individuals have made a significant contribution. We would like to thank them all, as well as employees and stakeholders who have participated in the assessment process, providing feedback and helping our continuous improvement. We would also like to thank our consultants for their comments and suggestions which have contributed to our efforts to integrate best practices in this report.

Protecting further our environment, we have opted to have a soft version only of our full-fledged 2016 CSR Report with an executive summary in print.