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Bank Audi Group

About Bank Audi sal

Bank Audi is a regional group with a universal banking profile. The Bank offers universal financial products and services including Corporate, Commercial, Individual, Investment, and Private Banking services. Bank Audi’s group staff headcount exceeds 6,000 employees . Its shareholders’ base encompasses more than 1,500 holders of common shares and/or holders of Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs) representing common shares.

Bank Audi ranks first among Lebanese banks and is positioned in the inner circle of top regional banking groups. Its shares are listed on the Beirut Stock Exchange. Its GDRs are listed on both the Beirut Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

Besides its historic presence in Lebanon, Switzerland and France, Bank Audi is active in Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Monaco, Turkey, and Abu Dhabi.

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