Products and Services

Products and Services


Discretionary Portfolio Management

By entrusting us with your wealth, our teams of investment specialists in Switzerland, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia will assess global market conditions and opportunities on a regular basis to make the investment decision that best fits your profile and particular needs. As such, Discretionary Portfolio Management handles all risk profiles (namely conservative, balanced, growth and aggressive) with a robust approach and a high-level customization to meet your specific requirements. This service is offered in major currencies.

To create a value-added sustainable investment strategy, our experts collaborate with you to:
  • Help you identify and set your financial objectives with a proper assessment of your risk profile;
  • Design a performance-driven investment plan to best allocate your assets for a diversified portfolio;
  • Stay abreast of global financial trends, monitoring performance, assessing risk over return and rebalancing the portfolio according to market fluctuations.
Moreover, our specialized Audi Capital team in Saudi Arabia offers the Discretionary Management service with a focus on personalized investment opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, in full accord with your needs and investment guidelines, to help you secure all your financial goals.

Investment Advisory

Benefit from our specialists’ expertise through the Investment Advisory service that keeps you actively involved in the investment decision. With access to our full range of strategies and tools, you will receive recommendations, through a tailored consultative approach, while having full control of your portfolio.

This service covers all asset classes namely equities, fixed income securities, foreign exchange, precious metals, options (forex and equities), other derivatives, funds, ETFs , real estate investments, capital guaranteed notes, structured products and tailor-made strategies.

Lombard Credit/Loan Facilities

If you wish to leverage your portfolio, you can have access to Lombard credit and loan facilities at competitive rates.
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