Products and Services

Products and Services

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Discretionary portfolio management is one of our core wealth management services. To help you reap the benefits of our expertise, we closely work with you so we understand your circumstances and exercise the utmost diligence, care and adherence to regulatory guidelines in matching your investment needs to your unique profile.
Our discretionary products range from fully customized mandates meeting specific requirements to standardized profile-driven mandates across multiple currencies and asset classes.

Investment Services

You will benefit from our expert guidance as we strive to identify opportunities for growth through our Investment Services. You will also be actively involved in the investment decision, with access to all asset classes namely equities, fixed income securities, funds, ETFs, foreign exchange, precious metals, options, capital guaranteed notes, structured products and tailor-made strategies.

Trade Execution

Enjoy privileged access to our trading desks where our professional traders will execute your trades instructions directly. Late-hour trading is also available.

Lombard Credit

If you wish to leverage your portfolio, you can access our Lombard Credit and loan facilities at competitive rates.

Fiduciary Deposits

You can access selected first-class international banks for interbank fiduciary deposits, either in traditional markets or in more specific ones (Lebanon, Turkey, etc.).

Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals

If you’re interested in foreign exchange operations, our team of experts will work alongside you to service you in spot, forward and swap operations, in addition to option strategies, plain vanilla and exotic ones. You can also trade precious metals (physical, options or metal accounts).
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