Products and Services

Products and Services


Trade Execution

In a world of complex transactions, you can enjoy privileged access to the trading desks where you can control and have your trade orders executed directly and conveniently by professional traders. With exposure to worldwide leading financial markets, this service covers all asset classes namely equities, fixed income securities, foreign exchange, precious metals, options (forex and equities), other derivatives, funds, ETFs, guaranteed notes and tailor-made strategies.

Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals

Our experienced team of traders in Switzerland enjoys direct access to major currencies and precious metals markets. They can deal swiftly spot, forward and swap operations, in addition to options (plain vanilla and exotic). They are also experts in recommending sophisticated forex strategies in major currencies.

Fiduciary Deposits

You can access selected first-class international banks for interbank fiduciary deposits, either in traditional markets or in more specific ones (Lebanon, Turkey, etc.).
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